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    DedicatedNOW MAINT TONIGHT!!

    Dear Valued Customer,

    On 12AM EST Sunday October 22st (Saturday night into Sunday morning), we will be deploying our Toplayer anti DDOS equipment datacenter wide. So far during our evaluation process, the services have met or exceeded all expectations, and we believe it to be another great value add service provided to our clients. During this deployment, we do not expect any packetloss, however, you should expect higher than normal latency (ping times) to your servers and websites for a period of approximately 2 hours. We are scheduling the window of installation from 12AM EST until 6AM EST though, just to be on the safe side. We realize that for most of you, this will not be a major factor, however, for those of you that it will briefly effect, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Further information about the Toplayer products we will be deploying, can be found at with the specific services being added at

    The purpose of this service installation is better protection for our clients against DDOS and other related attacks. Unfortunately the industry as a whole has been effected by these attacks, and we are working hard to assist our clients in everyway possible. If you have any questions regarding this service window, please feel free to contact us directly. We thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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    Bugger. Looks like I missed the notification.

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    Never got the notification either, what the heck ?

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    Umm. that is odd we sent it out earlier this week and it was posted in our forums.

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    Maint was completed around 3am. It went as planned, no downtime just some latency.

    Thank you.

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    Very odd that people didn't receive the updates, as I personally sent them out. It would have been sent through the billing system, so check the addresses associated with that. It's possible that it was picked up by spam blockers as it was mass e-mails being sent out, but we're working on alternative mailing systems as it is. I also posted it up in our forums under network maintenance.


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    I have sent you a PM regarding your Toplayer deployment.

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