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    SSL High Assurance vs Low Assurance?

    For the last 2 years I have been using a cheap low assurance SSL cert on my ecommerce site This has worked great up to this point, but in a week I have to get a new cert. Recently I have heard of differences between high and low assurance certs, but I have yet to actually find what th real advantage is to paying 3 times as much for a high assurance cert. So my question is, what is the real benefit of a high assurance cert and do I really need one?

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    Low assurance usually means the issuing company only validated that you are the owner of your domain. High assurance usually mean that the issuing company validated your business by actually checking up on you. So basically, you are basically paying for trust. With higher assurance, it means that users will trust you more because your business was actually verified by the company, whereas with low assurance, users will not trust you as much because fraudsters can easily obtain low assurance SSL certificates.

    The end result, however, is that most people don't care or don't even know what a certificate is. Most people just care about seeing the padlock on their browsers and that is achivable with a low assured certificate.

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