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    What's in a name? IT'S the NAME in computer security!

    The two domains for sale get targeted hits daily for information security services. The largest growing computer field. The domains are: and have shown interest in buying these domains in the past. It is like owning and .org. I'm willing to sell them now to the highest offer. (need money for holidays)

    These domains are pretty cool, I must say. They get quite a lot or targeted traffic daily.

    E-mail me at [email protected] with your offers. I accept paypal, and direct money transfer.

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    It is like owning and .org.

    Not really. If you owned those Microsoft wouldn't offer to buy, they would just take them. But rightfully so.


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    Why rightfully so? if their management did not buy domains with microsoft in the title then anyone else can buy these domains. And I think that's what happened in the beginning with the domains. They bought them from someone else.

    I've had offers to buy them from

    Just because they own the .com that does not mean they can snatch all the tld domains away! RSAsecurity can stand for many things. It's not a copywrite word. That's why they are interested in buying them back, but I'm willing to see what offers I can get now.

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    I'll also point out that the term RSA cannot be copywrited as it was a man that came up with the term for an encryption algorithm, and the word security is generic. Thus, over the last year, I've had e-mail me and keep an eye on both domains, and even asked for a price on them. Which I gave them a very large one at the time. I'm now giving anyone else the opportunity to buy them both now, otherwise I'll keep using them for e-mail.

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    Ok, where should the offers start????

    I kinda like the domain, has a nice ring, not sure how much use it'd get out of it, but never know....

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    Well, lets start around the $500 mark for both domains. Start the bidding at $500..

    There are many things you can do with these domains by the way.. rsa security gets over a 1000 searches a month in the search engines! Most the hits the domains get right now are unqiue hits! people type them daily into their browsers.

    There are many things you can do with these domains, whoever who buys them, I'll go into more detail on what can be done with them. This is the information security business after all fellas.

    I start the bidding on both at $500 USD.

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