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    Hi, just joined...

    I'm seriously thinking about diving into the business world as a reseller but want to gain as much insight as possible beforehand.

    I have a few questions but need a little time to learn some better questions.

    First though, I'm curious about some of the problems you may have encountered as a reseller with specific regards to customer support.

    I guess one of my main concerns at this point is being able to offer support in a professional manner right from the start because I am currently employed. I do have access to the internet at my job, but wouldn't be able to configure my email software to access any email accounts other than free internet accounts. I'd want to respond ASAP to any questions a customer may have, but wouldn't like using a "yahoo" account for cust sup.

    (I'm trying not to ask too much at once here)

    Thanks for any wisdom you might pass my way and... it's good to be here. I hope to learn a great deal (actually, I already have).

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    There is always WebMail that you can access without reconfiguring anything. As for support you might want to look into something like ModernBill which provides both support & billing for your company. This can also be intergraded with cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) for instant account set ups. Very useful for when you're not directly available.
    Im sure you'll find complete answeres to your questions here!

    BTW, welcome to the forums - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    why not try getting an outsourced support team to reply to your tickets? There are plans out there just for resellers
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    BTW, thank you for your replies Kdoubt and CaroNet.

    I've kinda gotten the feeling from hosts that they appreciate resellers handling the repetitive support questions; and I would like to. The problem is that those webmail accounts don't have professional names. You know what I mean? With accounts named "yahoo" or "aol (which I wouldn't use with *your* computer)", customers are going to lose a little (or a lot of) confidence.

    So far, have you found that customers are satisfied with email support? For relatively simple questions? Or do you just let the host handle all the support?

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    You can set a help desk script to handle support and that make send the alert emails to your free email account.
    Also, you can access to the webmail of your domain, it not necessarily a free email account like yahoo.
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    Another option would to be to choose a host with end-user support on the reseller plan and see if you both can answer tickets so you too can be involved, still providing a high level of service.
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