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    Need a reccomendation

    Been through about 5 different "money back guarantees" from hosts in the past 3 weeks due to crappy service... So I guess I'll ask you guys for a reccomendation on a good host. Here's what I'm looking for:

    100-200MB webspace
    unlimited email forwarding/aliases
    at least 1 subdomain
    CGI-BIN access
    PHP support
    Perl support
    Server Side Includes
    Frontpage 2000 (or later) extensions on the same server as PHP

    at least 3 mySQL databases
    telnet access

    These would also be nice, but not required:

    ASP support, more diskspace, web-based email

    I'm looking to do this in around the $150/yr range. Any reccomendations?

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    Just curious, what did all five companies do in three weeks to give you such bad service that you left?

    I am just trying to see what would make you hop so quickly...


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    Also you may want to post how much bandwidth your site requires... It would be helpful..
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    Well, "crappy service" on all of them was an exageration but --

    One was me not renewing my local provider due to very little webspace offered (15 MB) for the price

    The next was which had EXCELLENT service, but had their Frontpage extension-capable server seperate from their CGI/PHP-capable server, meaning I couldn't use both at once.

    Next was which offered all the features I wanted, but I've sent in 5 support/sales requests/info in the past 3 days and received NO response.

    Two others small hosts similar to, and here I am

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    Re: Need a reccomendation

    Originally posted by [SoS]
    Been through about 5 different "money back guarantees" from hosts in the past 3 weeks due to crappy service...
    Crikey!! That's barely enough time for your domain to propagate to each new host. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    Can't give you an exact number, but bandwidth is pretty minimal I'd guess... Only about 100 or so people that might even be looking at the site, and there wouldn't be too much data transfer with any of them.

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    Here are two I suggest:

    Good luck


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    There are a variety of hosts that can give you what you seek. Though I'm not sure how many allow telnet due to security issues. Some that have been recommended by folks on many boards:

    Good luck

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