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    Junior Network Engineer looking for work Chicago or Remote

    I am currently looking for additional work relating to Network Engineer, IT Administration, and/or Network Security Engineer within the Chicagoland area. This can be full time or part time work.

    I am looking to get my foot in the door (so to speak) in order to obtain greater industry experience. I am also looking to work with a company in which can both continue to flourish and grow (the company in profits and client base; myself in experience and quality performance).

    I am unwilling to relocate but will commute.

    Experience Breakdown:
    Used for network scans to find any loopholes in our DePaul environment.

    Ethereal and Cain & Able
    Used to sniff traffic and find any compromised systems by watching the packet information and ports.

    Ping/telnet/dig/traceroute/whois/netstat/nslookup: The basics
    Used to do general network troubleshooting to find any problems within the network.

    Net Stumbler
    Used to find access points and check for any security encryption. Cain & Able was also used for this purpose.

    Used to find rootkits within Linux/BSD Operating Systems.

    ClamAV & AVG-AntiVirus (Only for Windows)
    Installed ClamAV Anti-Virus on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux and BSD systems to ensure proper care against anti-viruses. Installed AVG Anti-Virus on Windows 98, XP, 2000 Server, and 2003 Server.

    IPFW (BSD) and ZoneAlarm Pro
    Used to create firewall rulesets on the Operating systems to ensure no necessary ports were open to attack.

    Used to check for open ports on systems by scanning.

    Cisco PIX Firewall & Cisco Routers
    Router & Firewall Access-lists were used to control unwanted traffic and ports. We setup access-lists denying certain IPs and ports into our LAN networks.

    PIX VPN Tunneling was setup to allow remote access from DePaul students at their homes to the laboratories in order to do their lab assignments without having to come in to school. This used AES encryption for the crypto-map. No Split Tunneling was used due to possible backdoor attacks.

    Cisco Layer 3 Switching
    Setup of a layer 3 switch at DePaul University.

    Routing Protocols (RIP Version 1 & 2, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP)
    Setup different routing protocols on Cisco Routers including distribution between different protocols.
    Setup OSPF and RIP routing protocols on Cisco PIX Firewalls.

    FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, Windows Server, and Novell Administration
    Administered FreeBSD & Linux servers in a web hosting environment for over five years. This included basic server administration with a GUI control panel system (CPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, and Webmin). FreeBSD experience is equivilent to 5 years, Linux Experience is equivilent to two years. FreeBSD experience also included security scanning tools such as Nessus and checking log files, firewall administration (IPFW and a small amount of experience in PF Firewall). Setup a samba server on a FreeBDS box. FreeBSD and Linux included setting up DNS, DHCP, and users permissions. I also have FreeBSD experience in Portsnap, Portupgrade, PortAudit for the BSD Systems. Other types of Linux distributions I have also tried include: Gentoo, RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu.

    Mac administration included updates, firewall administration, security component, compatibility features such as wine or BootCamp), and other minor administration tasks (IE: Log checking, etc…).

    Windows Server Administration included securing a Windows system (XP, 2000 server , 2003 server), checking logs, setting up DNS, setting up DHCP. Setting up Group policies and user permissions.

    Novell including setting up users and user object policies (very minor and basic administration).

    Setup a snort server (very minimal experience).

    Ideal job would be working with Networks/Network Secuirty and configuring networks based on company needs (including Operating Systems).

    My resume can be viewed and downloaded at:
    PingPros LLC | International Network Consultant & Internet Service Provider
    Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, BGP, OSPF, Windows, Linux, and Mac Consulting services | Internet Service Provider
    High Quality Services at a very competitive price!

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    In addition to Cisco IOS, do you have any experience with JunOS and ExtreWare?

    Please email your resume, references, and wage/salary/compensation request to jobs [at] Thank you!
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    I have no expereince with ExtreWare. I have only briefly touched Juniper routers at my previous job (we only had one main Juniper Router the rest was all Cisco). I'm very quick to pick up and I have great potential to grow and be molded with company requirements/needs. I am very quick to pick up anything that is required (you can double check that with my references).

    Resume, Cover Letter, References, and Experience Breakdown have been sent.

    Thank you for you for your time and consideration.
    PingPros LLC | International Network Consultant & Internet Service Provider
    Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, BGP, OSPF, Windows, Linux, and Mac Consulting services | Internet Service Provider
    High Quality Services at a very competitive price!

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