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    Cool - trendy, stylish and free photo hosting and sharing

    Hello all, its been a while Anyway, just launched, Thumbq

    From the website:
    Thumbq is a straight-forward image hosting solution that makes uploading and sharing images easy as never before. Lovely galleries, beautiful eye catching slideshows, the most simple interface to upload and manage your images, Thumbq has got them all. Thumbq lets you host and link images, run stunning transitions and slideshows from your webpage with ease.
    The Demo page gives a glimpe of what Thumbq does.

    I appreciate your valuable comments and views of Thumbq.

    Thank you.
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    that's refreshing! Very well done.

    A good name
    A good design
    A good idea

    Keep it up!
    hi there!

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    I'm impressed. I like the appearance..
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    Thank you all !
    "A brain is a terrible thing to waste"
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    Nice site. Your thumbnails are sharp and not small in size. Are you using GD or Image Magick for them. I would recommend putting an image and the code on your homepage as what it would look like before uploading

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    Thank you. GD and Imagemagick, both are being used.

    The demo page gives a fair idea of how the system works and how things would look.
    "A brain is a terrible thing to waste"
    Road to Geekdome

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