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    Unimaginable horror.

    If you own a gun and have small children please be sure to secure your firearms and make sure any family members that may keep your kids does the same. The depths of this tragedy are so far reaching it is impossible to calculate how many lives have been affected.

    Accidental shooting involving a 3 year old

    Thank god he is going to be OK!!!

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    Oh my god!
    I hope he'll be able to survive the tragedy..
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    That's what happens when you don't show kids what a gun does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshcrick
    That's what happens when you don't show kids what a gun does.
    I'm sorry -- but did you even read the article? It's a three year old, I'm fairly certain you don't teach kids about guns at that age. Sheesh Josh... when are you going to learn
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    The 25 cal. slug entered his left eye, traveled through the left lobe of his brain and exited out the back of his skull.
    Wow, that's just awful, his eye is gone but hopefully he'll be alright. That's just absurd negligence, I don't see how someone can be that irresponsible to leave a loaded handgun within reach of a 3 yr old, even if it was in the glovebox that's still ridiculous.
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