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Thread: LeaseWeb review

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    LeaseWeb review

    So I'm bored, thought I'd do a review..

    Getting the server up took awhile, like almost a week, same with support, they can take ages to reply.

    However, that's about the only negative thing I can say about them.
    Their network is SO stable it's insane. Setup is very minimal, their control panel has all the essentials, but is kept small and compact
    Softlayer has a huge control panel + documentation area, while leaseweb has none of these things.

    This can be good or bad depending on where you are at, personally I like my box with freebsd + no control panel like plesk/cpanel etc.
    I did accidently screw up my box once when I was adding ip aliases to ifconfig, forgot the 'alias' at the end, and boom, box went down.
    However got a reply within the hour and had to pay 25 bucks for them to put it back up and set it back to static.

    After that I haven't contacted support at all, and my box has run smoothly.
    Speed is top notch, as is connectivity.
    They also offer a secondary dns server service, which I used for my site.

    Bottom line is I think leaseweb are great, if you know how to manage your box you can be sure they'll keep their end of the deal with a rocksolid network.

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    Bottom line is I think leaseweb are great, if you know how to manage your box you can be sure they'll keep their end of the deal with a rocksolid network.
    I agree, I had this server with them, and their network was fantastic for the price - only problem was they took a while to setup the server. Never really contacted their support though, because we never needed it.
    Ryan Smith

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    I wasn't able to get a proper answer from the support so was wondering if you could help with it.

    For most of the servers there seems to be a contract term. Does that mean that you would have to pre-pay for that time? Because it is kind of hard to enforce a payment over internet, if it's on a month to month basis.

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    No, you contract for 3 months on the one I am on, and they send you the bill every month.

    I should also mention that you digitally hand sign with your mouse.

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    Payment is done in advance (5 days prior to the upcoming month). My plan requires a 3 month contract. Each month appears to start on the 1st. So your initial payment lets say for an activated server today Oct 24 will be:

    (Oct24-Oct31 prorated) + (setup fee) + (advance pay for Nov)

    Wait time for a server appears to be about 1 week. I'll post a review once i've used the server for a few months, but their financial department has been very helpful and prompt (though that's probably not a surprise).


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    I have been with leaseweb for over 2 years now (cant belive its that long!) my honest evaluation is they are very good. I have had ups and I have had downs, dont get me wrong there! From time to time I get quotes from other hosts, I have a number of highend servers with leaseweb, but to be honest, some of them have matched leaseweb on somethings, but I have stuck with lw because I know what I get. The staff on admin and tech side are always very polite and have done things I KNOW I should have been charged for and have not Thanks
    However, the overal outcome is I am happy. If it works, dont change it


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    We have been with Leaseweb for 3.5 years, they are very very good, probably the best in Europe.
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    Hey guys, i am about to go with leaseweb...i am looking at those burstable plans and i am a bit confused. They say it got 100mbit uplink and some 10mbit (95%) bandwidth volume...what does this mean exactly? Will i be ever able to use up that 100mbit port?
    Some explanation would be nice, thank you!

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