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    Question any experience of

    have any body experience of ?

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    I have experiance with them from about 3 yrs ago and it was terrible. Two months of trouble, starting from their so called "managed" services not really all that managed. We couldn't shell into our server, they said it was a problem not related to their service. That took 4 days for them to realise it was their network blocking us out.

    After that the server died in its second week, took 3 days of downtime to get up and going. So they gave us a free month. In that month the server failed a good 4 more times. We applied updates on the server, server had another hardware failure, they then overwrote our server files with a backup from the first week that we had originally signed up with them.

    No idea what has happened since then, if they have progressed or not. Either way, I would steer clear.

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