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    Help - DNS I Think


    I bought a domain from

    I then bought hosting from

    I setup the DNS on domain admin panel

    However, seems to be adding code to my index.html file, and therefore will not validate.


    And click on the validate link, check/tick show source and then click on revalidate. You will see near the bottom, html code that relates to frames for

    Whats going on, help!

    Note: Sorry, forum wouldn't let me include the links.

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    There's no way 1and1 can add code to your file, unless it's hosted with them. Are you sure you're using DNS, and haven't just forwarded the domain to 3ix's temporary domain that you were given when you signed up?
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    Nope, I set the nameservers in admin, the ones that they send u in the email to use when setting up dns.

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    I just tried updating it again, it seems to have fixed the problem. The XHTML is validating now

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    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg its back again

    What is going on with all this DNS crap!

    Can someone help me please?

    Im trying to set my nameservers to 3iX:

    However I'd like to use Google Apps Hosted Aswell:
    MX 1 / Prio 1
    MX 2 / Prio 5
    Further backups My mail exchanger
    MX 3 / Prio 5
    MX 4 / Prio 10

    Is this not possible....please help guys!

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    Its all valid. Seems to be working, so it looks like you sorted it. | low cost quality hosting
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    I can't get to use a different mail server though, along with these diff nameservers?

    Can anyone help?

    Thank You!

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    Check the name servers of your domain whether they are pointing to 's name servers.

    It's the problem of name servers not propogating properly.

    Thank you.


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