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    EXPERIENCED DESIGNER offering Logo + Biz Card + Letterhead Design only $49.99

    My Portfolio

    My Design Philosophy
    My ONLY goal when I design for clients is to understand the message they are trying to deliver through my work and then focus my designs to deliver the client's intended message. Sometimes this requires simple, clean design - other times this means more "slick" looking stuff. It all depends on what *your company's* goal is.

    What You're Getting

    You will get:

    -professionally designed logo for your company
    -letterhead design in print-ready format
    -business card design in print-ready format

    All original files will be provided to you.

    How It Will Work
    After you pay, I will send you a questionnaire to get information about your company and the kind of image you're looking to build. Then I will get to work and within 4-5 business days from the time you send back the questionnaire, I will send you your first round of logo designs. This will contain 3-4 logos of diverse type. You can pick one and have any minor changes done to finalize it.

    Once we finalize a logo we'll get to work on the business card and letterhead design. Ideally we should be able to have your entire corporate identity developed in 8-10 business days.

    How To Get Started

    1. Pay $49.99 to fzaid-at-cyquester dot com via PayPal

    2. Reply to the questionnaire that I send you within 24hrs

    The catch & why I'm doing this...
    I typically offer this for around $200. However, due to some circumstances in my world I've a desperate need for $150 at a time I'm focusing more towards my own ventures than freelancing. So this seemed like one of the best ways I could take care of the situation I'm in.

    The catch is this offer will be invalid after I get four customers. I'm not in a state to do this full time and I don't believe in doing a half-hachet job so I'm only accepting four customers that I know I will be able to produce top-notch identities for.

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    Do you have them so we dont have to dl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cscertified
    Do you have them so we dont have to dl?
    I'm sorry that's just how renders stuff.

    One of these have been sold. Three to go

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