About Us
Our business just started in mid 2006 initially to provide hosting only to customers originating from Indonesia. And now we are expanding to worldwide

For the pilot project, we offer web hosting with details as follows:
  • 100 mb web space
  • 2000 mb traffic (our network is currently under SoftLayer)
  • Cpanel and Fantastico
  • No multiple domains
  • Unlimited Features (MySQL, email, FTP, subdomain)
  • Support via email
For international users, we only accept e-gold as payment. If you are interested or still have further inquiries, don't hesitate to drop us email at [email protected].
All of the above hosting package are priced at $1.1 monthly. We also provide domain registration $11 on major domains. For ip test, you can PM me. Our web site network is different with our members network due to security reasons. Our members hosting network is currently under SoftLayer.