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    Web Hosting Suggestions Needed

    Hi, I need to find a good web hosting solution for small business wanting web presence but not e-commerce.

    Requirements are as follows:

    - PHP 5 (is it reallly worth moving from PHP 4??)
    - MySQL
    - Linux
    - no less than 500MB Hard drive Space
    - ~ 1GB bandwith/month
    - Support for flash technologies (video, audio)
    - > 10 email adresses
    - flexible Control Panel
    - decent uptime
    - decent speed
    - decent support
    - under $50/year

    Support for multiple subdomains, and multiple domain management are desired but not needed.

    If you need further specifications please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    As for your question regarding PHP5, many scripts are net yet compatible with PHP5 and will not be until the developer(s) update the code to support PHP5.

    Flash should be supported by most hosts as they usually require no server-side scripting, so that should not be a hard requirement to meet at all.

    Good luck!
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    I belive you will not have a hard time finding a host that will fit your needs. As Adakist said, not many scripts are compatible with PHP5.
    Good luck

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    I would say with PHP4 right now unless you need PHP5 for your scripts. Take a look in the offers section, you should easily be able to find a host that suits you

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    PHP5 is generally faster, and will support many PHP4 scripts with no change.

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    PHP4 is beter,
    in my company i'm change to PHP5 many web in the server not work.
    so i come back to PHP4.


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    php5 hosting is better ..
    you can switch between php4 and php5 hosting if the hosting company allows that .. such as HostGator

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    Just 1 GB / mo traffic is too less, especially if you want to use audio / video on your site. About PHP - if you already have the site written for PHP4, I think it does not worth to modify it to works well on PHP5.

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