I am looking for some kind of software that can act like a payment processer.

Simply put I want users to make an initial payment, via credit card, cheque or any other convenient method. But after the payment is made they pay for purchases via the paypal clone, and their account is decremented each time, but it should be processed like a normal online payment, rather thatn looking up a database and making a deduction.

The purchases be less than a dollar, even 25c in some cases and the reason is to avoid making such purchases with the credit cards.

I also want to have agents or resellers making smaller entries for their own customers. That way I don't have to worry about loads of smaller customers myself.

I envisage it for larger amounts as well, but having a similar API is what matters most for me.

There is some software such as cusell, acumen-software and a lot of others which appear to be some branded copies of something else.

Are there any recommendations in this area.