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    [Need] plenty of work need doing.


    I have plenty of work that needs doing. Im looking for someone with graphic design and coding knowlage. To be fair and stright to the point im looking for someone who can give me a bit of a deal. As its so much work its more money for you and if i could get a deal it would be cheaper for me than getting someone to do the project 1 by 1.

    This is the order of what needs doing first as most important.

    Finish of interigating the arcade script into my design.
    Splash page
    A template with subpage for my gamming ladder script
    free sms site
    page rank site
    ip checker site
    whois site
    Code the template iv design for a gamming server provider.

    1. I have designed a template and started to interigate a arcade script into it. Iv done most of the hard parts but they just released a new vertion so its mostly touching it up and getting everything right.

    2. I need a splash page with loads of ideas in it, images of all things i like doing ie gamming. Also a little picture to go with each site i own and when you click it, it takes you to the site.

    3. Im in process of designing a gamming ladder script, i need a template doing for this script.

    4. A free sms script (maybe with design for site)

    5. page rank script (maybe with design for site)

    6. ip checker script (maybe with design for site)

    7. whois script (maybe with design for site)

    8. Iv designed a template and subpage for a gsp company, basicaly it just needs slicing and coding.

    Thanks for reading.


    When you design the scripts for me i want to have the rights to be able to edit and do what i want with the script seens im paying for you to code it.

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    What language are you looking for these to be developed in?

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    i have sent you a pm m8, regarding your question.

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