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    Need to choose control panel

    Im new to this, please bear with me.
    I am getting ready to start a site and need to choose a host.
    I want to have the ability to have members upload music and a messageboard. I'm guessing my requirements are ;
    12,000 to 15,000 meg
    1 gig bandwidth
    Since I am new, I want to choose a host server that is compatable with Frontpage. It is the only thing I am familiar with, and my members would probably want to use it as well.
    Are there potential problems using a non windows server and trying to use Frontpage ?
    I have read on this board about this being a possible issue with some hosts.
    I am not familiar with C panel or plesk or whatever.
    Are there sites to demo (Try) these programs ?

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    Frontpage shuld work for you as long as the host has it setup properly. Even the WIndows version can get a little "quirky" on you

    Plesk Linux demo:
    Plesk Windows demo:
    cPanel demo:

    Good Luck!
    Host, YES!
    Reselling? Partner for profit instead!

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    Direct Admin and Cpanel is very good.

    but Direct Admin is simpale of Cpanel.
    so i love Direct Admin.

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