What's on offer:
We currently have 2 text link spots available, at a price of $10 per month.
The text links will be displayed near the top of the page (under the 468x60px banner ads) on all pages except for: Home, Affiliates, Link us, Contact and Advertise pages (where the links will be displayed near the bottom of the page. Note: These pages only have about 5% of the hits anyway).

We also have space for one more advertiser for our 468x60px image banner advertising, which starts at $10 for 75,000 impressions. More info on that can be found here: http://planetrenders.net/advertise.php

http://planetrenders.net - Graphics based website/community. Very active and almost 2 years old.

  • Approx 50,000,000 hits per month
  • Almost 100,000 unique hits per month
  • 53,000+ registered members on the main site
  • Almost 5,000 registered members on the forum (the forum was opened after the site developed).
  • Awstats page for last month (September): http://img275.imageshack.us/img275/7...ptstatsor4.gif

Payment by paypal only