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    flash designer needed for small job (paid)

    I am working on for a client and he is wanting to add some subtle flash elements.

    #1 Pan/fade blueprints - At top left here he has a few blueprints he would like to pan/fade/rotate between. This same thing would need to be duplicated in red for his subsite . I have all of the blueprints masked with the colors and ready to go. I also have the initial flash file set up for this with the correct sizing and everything, just don't have much time to finish it up.

    #2 For the intro page, right now it is supposed to give the impression that there is welding going on behind the brushed steel. He would like to add some subtle flashing along the edges like someone is welding behind there. If you think of it as a < 1 second flash of lightning happened behind the object and you can see a small flash out of one of the sides that might be one way to think about it. He also wants a quick buzz to accompany this flash to which I have a .wav file for.

    I'll be around on IM off and on today, looking to spend around $75 for these functions. AIM: mrlugal

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    position tentatively filled, thanks!

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