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    Lightbulb Group Site Suggestion

    I am planning to make a group site for my office, the site will be dedicated to all our staffs. The site will contain the following:

    * Birthday Calender for all staffs
    * Calender for Upcoming Events
    * Latest News
    * Staff's personal/contact information
    * Staff login to check their personal private message/update their personal/contact information (optional)
    * About company
    * company Achievements
    * Forum/Discussion board
    * List of holidays for the current month

    Is there anything I can add to the list?

    Plz suggest


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    Hobbies, charities, association memberships

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    Great Idea, some more plz?

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    Company policies, staff benefits/welfare, leave application form, FAQs on technical stuff to help new employees, updated staff chart
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    I would include links to resourceful websites or favorite links for each person. You'll find that people frequent the most unusual websites.

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