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    NEWEDGE Promotions: PublishExec and ClientExec for free!

    PublishExec is now free!
    That is right go to and get your copy today, no charge and most importantly no strings attached.

    What is PublishExec? It is the best way to create quick online manuals. Why purchase software that costs $500 or more to do what you can do for free?
    You might be asking why we are providing this application for free. We believe it is too good of an application for people not to have. We maintain this application because NEWEDGE as a company uses it to document other applications. So we do not need to make money off of it. We want people to know it is out there and free to use.

    So if you provide an application or script get a manual online today!

    Get your first month of ClientExec free!
    Use coupon code: WHT1MONTHFREE before Oct 31st 2006 and receive your first month of a leased license at no charge.

    This promotion allows you to purchase ClientExec and try the product without any money leaving your pocket book.

    Do not lose this opportunity to give ClientExec a spin, your customers will thank you for it. Plus you can cancel at any time and never get billed.
    ClientExec has integrated some exciting features in the last few releases that you might have missed.

    A few are listed below:
    • Package addons
    • Automated services ( backups, late notifications, activation, ticket closing, mail piping, batch mailing )
    • Server stats service ( notifications of criticals emailed )
    • Google Checkout support
    • RSS Announcements

    and so much more

    Start using your free month of ClientExec today!
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    Alberto, if this (Publisher Exec) is free, why is it asking for a credit card and install domain to "order" it?

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    I selected Paypal, and it didnt asked for payment or any other payment info's ans showed me i will get all info in 24 hours.

    So i guess it worked. I guess you need to provide a domain n form because of clientexec basic formation, its meant for hosting and not for goods so we see an essential domain field.

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    Hi bear, just select paypal and you do not need any other information. Something we have overlooked for free products. But this has caused us to make a fix for this scenario within ce so that is good.

    The domain field is still meant for you to enter the domain you are using the product on. It is still licensed using our licensedefender software so we will need that. But no, we do not need your credit card information.

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    Last day of promotion. Do not miss out on a free month of ClientExec or your free copy of PublishExec today. Test out what over 6000 companies are enjoying to assist them in running their business.

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