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    dns issues with charter subscribers

    I'm having this issue lately where many of my sites aren't resolving for Charter customers.

    Its mostly with DNS changes made in the last few weeks to a month or so, and the sites are only refusing to resolve for charter customer.

    This is a problem since we tend to market our hosting/webdesign to local businesses, and Charter has itself a little monopoly here in Western Massachusetts. Has anyone else encountered problems with them, and if so whats the best way to correct it?

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    You could start by making sure you have connectivity from your box to Charter's caching nameservers (don't laugh - it's the simplest, yet most obvious troubleshooting step; they could be misconfigured in that regard). After that, maybe run tcpdump and look for queries from Charter's caching NS's.

    It would probably help if you had access to a Charter subscriber's cablemodem (I'm assuming you mean cable), although it sounds like that won't be a problem for you.

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