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    WANTED: Partnership with Design Company


    I am currently considering partnering with a website design company. I have been hosting for 2 years, I offer shared, reseller and other services like auditing and website management/consulting.

    I have knowledge of php and mysql however I don't have the time. I feel that a partnership with a website design company will bring value added services to my company.

    The options could be to merge 2 or more companies together to make a more powerful company or run as 2 independant companies working together. I am interested in either, and want to see who else might be interested. I would prefer a Sole Proprietor or 2 man partnership.

    Please contact me at:
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
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    Well if you are looking for a complete web development solution then i can easily help you with.also i am mailing you from this id so if all goes ok then we can take it from there.
    Kind Regards

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