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    Mailling list - server

    Hey all,

    My company like to begin sale NewsLetter mailling list to our customer.
    We like to offer them a tool that they can collect emails (No Spam, Only approved email) and send them email every time they want.
    We like to know more details about this option, and what option do we have?
    We like that this tool will be in out system so if we take other company tool we need access to API program.

    We don't core to buy a server for this.

    Any ideas?!

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    I think you'll have to go the server route for this, as many hosts won't let you get away with sending hundreds of e-mails per minute!

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    Or you could explore signing up with a 3rd party provider who specializes in sending
    out bulk emails:

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    In order to collect the information that you require you can obtain newsletter mailing online scripts that can be placed on your website, allowing customers to register, then you would have an admin panel allowing you to email them. Although for this type of system, depending on the amount of users you have, you will have to look for a host that allows you to send masses of email to the customers.

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    it seems on line ;)
    It deppends on your list's size. Many hosts limit the number of members. If they are less than e few hundreds a hosts offering mailman can be enough. I suggest asking your host for the size limit
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