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    Display Issues with Internet Explorer 6/7


    I designed my website several months ago and launched it back in the summer of this year. During the development stage I took and made great efforts to insure everything was coded correctly. I doubled and even triple checked all of the HTML and CSS. So I am confident everything is correct.

    Now, I've known about the display issues with Internet Explorer 6 (tested with Internet Explorer 7 the other day and still have the same issues) for awhile now. And since the website displayed correctly when viewed with Firefox, I just never got around to looking into the Internet Explorer issue. I know Internet Explorer handles websites differently then Firefox, but I just wanted somes ideas from other people on why I might get these display issues. I think part of the issue could be that I use PNG and not, GIF or JPG images.

    Was hoping this would be fixed with Internet Explorer 7. But, as you will see, when viewed with IE 6 or 7 the website is much darker, loads slower (not this main issue), and colors don't match where I-frames are used. All is right when using Firefox. - Website - Firefox - Internet Explorer

    Any help would be appreciated,
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    Anyone have some ideas?

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    Could it be the old IE issue of not rendering transparency correctly with PNG's? Although it's fixed with IE7 I believe.

    There are several solutions to the problem (if that is indeed the problem)
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, I thought that was the issue too. But i've been using the "fix" code for awhile now. But it never seemed to help much as none of the png images I use are for transparency.

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    if you remove the fix script for png's, does it fix the problem in IE7, I seem to recall the script for transparency in PNG's causing display issues the last time I used it aswell.
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    No, it doesn't seem to look different with it removed. I added it in the first place to fix the display issues. But with, or without it, things look the same.

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