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    AdminGeekZ - 50% OFF FINAL STICKY!

    System Administration at competitive prices from AdminGeekZ!

    HostGeekZ is re branding to AdminGeekZ and this is our final WHT special before the price rise. We are offering everything! for 50% of the normal price. All solutions are different so contact us([email protected]) if you need something that isn't listed here.

    ****If you use cPanel and order any services from AdminGeekZ you get a free RoundCube installation!

    ****With any service provided you get a free security report!

    ****No fees are paid until after completion unless otherwise stated! All monthly packages come with a 7 day money back guarantee!

    Returning customer discounts may apply contact sales.

    How to contact us!
    Sales can be contacted by,
    Email: [email protected]

    We can also be contacted on instant messengers, please contact the helpdesk first!
    AIM: agzScott
    MSN: [email protected]
    YIM: agzScott
    ICQ: 363375985

    One Time Solutions

    1 Installation - WAS $60 NOW $30
    2 or more installations - WAS $30/installation NOW $15/installation

    Kernel Compiles
    2.6 or 2.4 - WAS $80 NOW $40
    2.6 or 2.4 with grsecurity - WAS $90 NOW $45

    PHP Upgrade - Primary OR Secondary installation
    PHP5 - WAS $40 NOW $20
    PHP6(BETA!) - WAS $50 NOW $25

    Anti Spam / Anti Virus
    -SpamAssassin OCR(Image Detection - Add $5)
    WAS $70 NOW $35

    Apache - WAS $40 NOW $20
    mySQL - WAS $60 NOW $30
    Both - WAS $80 NOW $40

    MRTG / Cacti
    Cacti - WAS $30 NOW $15
    MRTG - WAS $15 NOW $7.50

    PHP Addons
    APC - WAS $30 NOW $15
    Eaccellerator- WAS $30 NOW $15
    Json - WAS $20 NOW $10
    Mailparse - WAS $20 NOW $10
    Zend Optimizer - WAS $20 NOW $10
    Ioncube - WAS $20 NOW $10
    All of the above - WAS $100 NOW $50
    Any Other(Just ask) - WAS $30 NOW $15

    Other (High load/Installations/Debugging(such as core dumps)
    Hourly - WAS $60 NOW $30
    Fixed Rate - We will offer a fixed rate for the problem with 50% off, just contact sales([email protected])

    Monthly Administration

    Initial Server Setup
    Security Audit
    Up to 2 servers(Must be for 1 purpose, ie web+database server)
    Pro-Active Updates
    Custom Requests(we will do your installation/configuration requests)

    Note: There are only limited slots available, this price will last for the lifetime of the plan, we offer script debugging/small coding fixes for free within reason. The plan is customized for each and every case, contact [email protected] with any requests/questions.

    WAS $200/month NOW $100/month

    Linux Bundle

    Firewall Installation(APF).
    Firewall Configuration.
    Bruteforce Detection Installation(BFD).
    Bruteforce Detection Configuration, email alerts.
    CHKRootKit installation, with email alerts.
    RHKHunter installation, with email alerts.
    eAccelerator installation.
    Zend Optimizer installation.
    iftop installation.
    mytop installation
    mytop configuration.
    vnstat installation.
    nmap installation.
    ImageMagick installation.
    SSHD Hardening.
    Default User audit.
    Default Group audit.
    Current user audit(password check).
    Suid binary audit.
    Temporary Space hardening.
    Shared Memory hardening.
    apache proxy dir removal.
    inetd hardening.
    Socket monitor installation
    Socket monitor configuration, email alerts.
    Linux security environment installation.
    Linux security environment enabled(Permissions on all binarys/rpms).
    host.conf hardening.
    sysctl tweaks/hardening.
    Control Panel hardening(if any installed).
    Control Panel updates(if any installed).
    OS updates and patches applied.
    mod_evasive installation.
    mod_evasive configuration.
    PHP security tweaks.
    Kernel upgrade (Included for free, at user request)
    WAS $150 NOW $75


    If you are having consistent issues with your website being unavailable from downtime/slowness or just generally under performing then have AdminGeekZ investigate the issue and provide you with a solution.

    We will look into what is causing issues and provide you with a course of action to take, such as optimization/upgrading and will assist you with taking these steps. No fee will be paid unless the solution is what you require!

    We have done this many times with high usage websites from MySpace related websites to Adult websites.

    Just ask some of our customers who have used this service,

    Jon Waraas
    Host Geekz are the best you can get, guaranteed! I used to have 3 servers that ran slow as hell, and now I only have 1 server that runs fast as hell!
    Proof Here

    Anne Moss
    Scott has just moved my sites with huge VB forums on them. Our members never even noticed, other than to note that suddenly the site flies... There was no downtime, which was totally amazing to me, as our forums are quite busy (over 15,000 members).

    Totally thumbs up for HG! I have been working with Scott for two years now and have nothing but compliments for this hosting geek!
    Proof Here

    Note: If you order an AdminGeekZ monthly package after using this advice the cost will be taken off your monthly fee.

    WAS $40 NOW $25

    Large Site

    If you have a large website which requires 1 or more dedicated servers then we would like to create a plan for you. We can provide you with everything from selecting the host, setting up and configuring a high availability cluster to achieving 100% uptime.

    Our admin services are like no other, we provide goals that must be met, such as uptime. If it's within our control we will provide goals each month that we will achieve which can be selected to suit your own needs.

    If you have a large forum we can provide assistance with tweaking/optimizing it and also assisting with general support of the forum, and already do this on many large forums such as ( /

    Contact Sales([email protected]) to get your quote!

    Looking for something else?

    These plans are only samples of what we can offer and have a very large range of solutions we can offer. All custom solutions ordered Between 21st October to 14th November will receive a 50% discount, some premade plans are already available in this thread.

    This will be your final chance to receive AdminGeekZ services at these prices, because after November 14th all prices will be rising and more targeted services will be offered.

    Not Convinced?

    Still not convinced? Heres what some of our customers have to say,

    Theres hundreds more!
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    Infrastructure Management, Web Application Performance, mySQL DBA. System Automation.
    WordPress/Magento Performance, Apache to Nginx Conversion, Varnish Implimentation, DDoS Protection, Custom Nginx Modules
    Check our wordpress varnish plugin. Contact us for quote: [email protected]

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    As always, very happy with Scott's work, he's knowledgable, and reliable. Couldn't ask for more.
    Webair Internet Development Inc.
    Shared Hosting Managed Dedicated Servers SEO
    1.866.WEBAIR.1 24/7/365 Support Adult Friendly
    My comments do not reflect the views of the company or its management.

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    I'm Anne Moss from Just wanted to put in another good word for HostGeekz. I am not very technically inclined, but I do know that our server just runs a whole lot faster and better than before and that we've had zero downtime since we switched to HG (other than a few planned and well announced in advance minutes for upgrades).

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    They're helping be with my core dump right now. If I get stuck with something they help me fix it.

    I refer all my clients to them for corporate style server administration at affordable small business rates.

    [email protected] [/]# gdb sendmail core.21082
    GNU gdb Red Hat Linux (
    Copyright 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are
    welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions.
    Type "show copying" to see the conditions.
    There is absolutely no warranty for GDB. Type "show warranty" for details.
    This GDB was configured as "i386-redhat-linux-gnu"...(no debugging symbols found)
    Using host libthread_db library "/lib/".

    Reading symbols from shared object read from target memory...(no debugging symbols found)...done.
    Loaded system supplied DSO at 0x19d000
    Core was generated by `sendmail'.
    Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.

    warning: svr4_current_sos: Can't read pathname for load map: Input/output error

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    I too want to put in another good word for Scott. He is great. I've hired him on several occasions. I couldn't ask for more!
    Matthew G.

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    Superb this offer is big, for sure i will choose smthing that i need
    scott did several jobs for me and i was always happy.

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    I've gotta say, Scott is very proffessional and experienced. I had a problem with my mail server and he fixed it within 15 minutes. Thumbs up and A++++ Service!!!
    Linux/Windows Technician
    JCulpin [at]

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    Nothing but superb work from scott, Highly recommended.

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