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    Exclamation Advertise on free host site, banner and text link oppurtunities!

    I have a free host which im willing to give advertising space to. Got about 3000 hits last month and ive got 100 members in the first month. The site is only about a month old but is rapidly growing. Please ask me to PM for the url and/or stats.

    Spaces Available:
    - 4 Textlinks up the top of every single page $2 a month, $10 a year.
    - 2 Banner Spots at the top of the page as well $5 a month, $50 a year
    - Specific Category sponsorship. You will get a small banner under the forum and a small logo and a description under every single page of that category. $4 a month $40 a year

    Payment is by PayPal.


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    PM me the url and stats please.

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