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    Log Analysis Recommendations


    I have a site that gets about 40-50gb of traffic each month that needs fairly detailed web log analysis. Currently we are using NetTracker to analyze the web logs. However, we aren't very happy with NetTracker because it is such a resource hog. Whenever someone views the reports, it produces a huge load on the server, basically making it useless for anything else. We certainly can not afford to have a whole server used up just for viewing NetTracker reports.

    Can you recommend a (preferably) remote analysis service that provides something better and more detailed than something like analog provides?

    Thanks for any help.

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    If you can afford it, go for Urchin.
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    We personally use SmarterStats, great piece of software, doesn't use much memory at all!

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    Look at these sites. I guess it draws you interest:

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    26 is great.

    If you want to actually analyze the logs on your server try AWstats.

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    I think awstats is the best!

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    I have been using ClickTracks to do all of my data analyzing for my site and it is absolutely amazing. It tracks visitors using cookies and keeps track of historical data by taking the raw web logs and data mining all of the information based on parameters given to the program. It also keeps track of all PPC campaigns and organic search linkings as well all based on keyword. It has time splits and campaign splits and funnel reports to see where users are going from designated indicators setup on the site so it's easy to tell where a site needs to improve in order to increase conversions. ClickTracks is solely about utilizing all data in order to increase conversions which is the primary reason I use it for all of my ecommerce sites. I even purchased the agency program so I can license 20 of my sites and I've used about 10 of those datasets already. I would highly recommend ClickTracks to anyone serious about increasing their traffic conversions to their website. It is enterprise level software for reasonable prices.
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