I have two rented dedicated servers at fdcservers.net I am putting up for sale.

They ARE Dual AMD operton 246 even though they are mentioned as 244's on the sales page.

It costs $150 PER extra 1 gb stick ram added to the servers, and I put in 2 total extra, one per server, so that's $300 sunk costs I have in the server.

I have a discounted rate for knowing the owner of the company, I've been with them for MANY years and he gave me a discount finally.

Each box costs me $249 renewal fee every month.

They currently have Centos 4.4 and cpanel latest edition installed, but I will reformat the drives and give you whatever installation you want.

UNMETERED Dedicated - Special #2

Dual Opteron 244


200GB HDD 7200 RPM


100Mbit port

Unmetered transfer

Burstable bandwidth FREE Software
- Cpanel / WHM
- Fantastico
- RvSkin
- Windows 2003
- Direct Admin
- Webmin Free IP addresses
no overage fees
no taxes or hidden charges
48 hour setup


So all in all, you are getting $50 dollars off EVERY MONTH (* EACH server ) a month, PLUS I spent $300 on extra ram.

What are the offers? Please PM me and I'll see what kind of prices come up. There shouldn't be any questions but if there are, let me know. Renewal is every month around the 16-19th, so I just renewed for another month.

This is a great deal! Remember, almost a FULL month is already paid up, so that is $500 dollars right there I need to recuperate just that alone, and the cost of the extra ram and the discount's every month make this a great package....

Looking for: $925 or best offer.....

Thanks and good bidding~!

OH Yea, I also have about 150 IP addresses with these two boxes which are seriously separated onto different class C and B subnets so good for lots of websites!