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    Host monster - is this going to be a mistake?

    hello , host monster seems too good to be true compared to my current host k

    i have got a uk domain k

    shall i go for host monster ? any other even better alternatives ?

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    "Too good to be true deals" can sometimes - but not always - lead to "to bad so sad support".

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    i don't need that much support if this thing works as described

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    the problem that I've had is, when I need support, I REALLY need support.

    Everybody needs to learn the hard way though. Go with a crappy host first, then you will appreciate when you end up with a good host.

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    Just always read the Terms of Services & Privacy Policy on the company you sign up with. When they offer this much space and bandwidth, you have to see if there are virtual limits.

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    and what might be a good host? that is my question .. and please don't tell me to search the forum and look for reviews.. can someone give me a straight honest answer... a simple name .. that's what i am looking for...

    i got £30 to spend a year,
    i need php
    i don't need too much space
    i need reasonable bandwidth

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    Host Monster is owned by Bluehost. Spend a little time a Bluehost's forums (accessable from their main page), watch at different times throughout the day so you catch things that get removed. If after reading there for a few days you still have interest then go for it. Pay particular attention to anything having to do with CPU exceeded complaints as apparently there are many people having their sites temporarilly suspended for excessive CPU usage when they do such simple things as back up their WordPress databases. Again, Bluehost/Hostmonster = same "company" and servers so what goes for one goes for the other, aside from HostMonsters domain/space/bandwidth specs.

    That being said, my homepage (not my website, just the site I use as my browsers homepage) is hosted with Bluehost and it's working nicely throughout the day. I know the owner had to optimize it significantly after the CPU quota was lowered though as it too started getting CPU exceeded issues once the policy was changed. It's all up to the type of site/sites you'll be hosting. Gonna have an image gallery? Expect to exceed CPU quota when uploading a certain number of images at a time or more (into the script, not via straight FTP).

    As for their support, I tried them for a couple of days a couple of months ago and always got straight through to a live, english speaking tech with very little hold time.

    As for your request for a recommendation, I chose 1&1 and after about 5 months of service I am very satisfied, though I see that you're in the UK and have seen more bad reports about the UK branch of 1&1... no idea how current the complaints would be though as they have seemed to fix many of the issues that were griped about in threads from the semi distant past.
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    thanks dwrunyon .. at last a sane person within the millions... to provide an answer that will help someone and not point to other directions... i hope that more people learn to give more straight and honest replies one day... i

    am going for 1&1 until i hear something better...

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    I really suggest you to search about 1&1, I understand that you need bandwidth, but, how much do you really need? and, also, how important to you is uptime?
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    Hmm, if you want a quality host, be prepared to pay more than that! More like $100+ /yr.

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