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    awstats n mapped drive merge

    hi i am on win2k3 server

    2 load balanced web servers
    and a server with awstats on

    to get an accurate result for stats i have to take from both servers
    it is possible to use the merge tool with awstats however i am having trouble

    first i have made a batch file to run, this maps the drives as i aint there to login
    then combines the files and then saves it. i then run update stats using the new file.

    however this only works with actual file names

    is if i put ex061006.log

    but i want to run as ex%YY-3%MM etc etc

    here is my batch file

    net use E: \\sss\logs /persistent:yes /user:user pass
    net use F: \\sss\logs /persistent:yes /user:user pass
    C:\perl\bin\perl.exe C:\AWStats\tools\ E:\log1\ex%YY-3%MM-3%DD-6.log F:\log1\ex%YY-3%MM-3%DD-6.log > C:\test.log
    i have only tried running this from the command prompt, so im missing something, like maybe in the config file for awstats domain, there is something just cant get my head round it, and many dont seem to use merge let alone merge over a network.

    many thanks

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    C:\perl\bin\perl.exe C:\AWStats\tools\ E:\log1\*.log F:\log1\*.log > C:\test2.log

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