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    I recently left hivelocity to take advantage of the amazing deals galaxy-hosting has been posting for dedicated servers.


    The Good:

    Setup of the server took about 72 hours, which seemed acceptable considering the ammount of orders they must have gotten during one of their sales. They also installed webmin for me for free, which added to the setup time.

    Here is what I got for a low $99:

    Intel Pentium 4, Dual Core 2.8 Ghz
    1 GB DDR RAM
    80 GB SATA Storage
    1,000 GB Transfer
    5 IP Addresses
    Level 1 Management

    Level 1 Management gives you an hour of admin service a month. For the price, it is a good added bonus. I have had to use it once already.

    The server is fast! It took me a few days to get everything setup exactly like I wanted it. I had an issue early on with a corrupt packet in the OS causing my server to crash, they fixed it within a few hours after I sent them a ticket.

    Whenever I submit a support ticket I get a reply within a couple hours, usually within 30 minutes.

    The Bad:

    They had some name server problems early on, forcing me to use alternative DNS to resolve domains. I am sure the problems have been fixed by now, but I continue to use the outside DNS.

    There was a problem with a server connected to the same router my server is on running an irc server and getting attacked. They resolved that in a few hours, and added a "no irc servers" line to their TOS.

    There never seems to be anybody available via the online chat support. It feels like there are only 2 guys running support, which is fine (they do a good job with ticket support)... but dont offer real time support if you can't support it. Whenever I need support, it is usually when the network is down (see below) and there is not really a way to contact them during those periods.

    The Ugly:

    Various other network problems... I notice that when my server is down, so is This type of thing seems to happen at least once a week, sometimes for 10-15 minutes, sometimes for a couple hours. I have questioned them on the network problems in the past and they always seem to deny it, claiming that they were upgrading their server and it was just a coincidence that my server was down at the same time.

    edit: I should add that when the network is up, it is fast. I haven't had any problems with the network being slow at all.

    Conclusion: In a way, you get what you pay for. They have some great, hard to beat deals on their servers. The network is unreliable. If you plan on selling webspace, I would steer clear of If you are hosting your own website and can afford to put up with a little downtime in exchange for a fast server for a good price, these guys may be what you are looking for.


    Value: A
    Support: B-
    Network: C-

    Overall: C+
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    Thanks for the Review also is their site up : ?

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    Not right now, no. They must be upgrading their server, again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tdothost
    Thanks for the Review also is their site up : ?
    The site is up, I think it was my connection

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    They had a power outage which is why it was down

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    Quote Originally Posted by xemplarnet
    They had a power outage which is why it was down
    Oh That explains it

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    MasterGee79, you have a heck of a lot of patience and understanding... good on you. It's rare to hear a story like that.

    You might consider shopping around for a more reliable provider and waiting for one of their blowout sales in which you could possibly get something near that for around the same price with a reliable network. Patience is one thing -- but that amount of downtime is ludicrous
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