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    Need some ASPX Help ($$$)

    Hi -

    A programmer developed an ASPX page for me a while ago ( So I have the .aspx file and the corresponding .cs file. I've gone into the code of each and made some updates/changes (changing object names, values, etc)... but that doesn't seem to do the trick, I get error messages and what not (for ex: on the ASPX page I get an error saying an object doesn't exist, even though I defined it in the .cs file). Do I need to compile this pages, or is there some sort of additional step I need to do? (clearly I don't have that much experience in ASPX )

    Willing to pay someone a little ... to help me on the right track ...

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Here is the file in question (, which gives errors like: CS0103: The name 'C_unit15Cost' does not exist in the current context, even though that is defined in the CS file!

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