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    Offering startup money and licenses for new communities

    What this is
    A way for your back-shelf idea to become a reality.

    What I'm looking for
    Someone, or someones with a worth-while idea, who have the time and motivation to write whatever content their idea requires, and manage the community.

    What I'm offering
    • A few hundred dollars, US, for advertising.
    • Hosting on a private, dedicated server
    • vBulletin license
    • As many domain names as required (Goes without saying)
    • Moderation
    • Manual advertisements (By myself (5 years experience))
    • Becoming part of an active group of sites (Thousands of unique/day)
    • Completely free hosting for your own personal projects/sites

    Whats the catch?
    • Most, if any, advertising* profits go to me until the vBulletin license is paid off. From there, its 50/50.
    • I own 51% of the site, and have the final say on anything big (However, I plan to run this democratically for 99% of the decisions)

    More details
    I am not looking for a half-assed idea, or for people who will stop working on this a few days after they start. I am only looking for dedicated individuals who actually want their community to succeed.

    How to contact me
    Please send an email with your idea to [email protected] . Please, once again, I am not looking for lazy individuals - only apply if you're willing to work for this!

    *Advertisement: Any and all communities or sites will have google text ads on it, with no pop ups.

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    Please send me a private message instead of emailing me from now on, I've been having issues with gmail's spam filter lately.

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    I sent a private message about a little idea.

    Didn't get a reply, so I don't know if you got it.

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