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    Problems with nameservers. CP: Direct admin!

    Well ok i got a dedicated server today with Direct admin.
    I logged on and then clicked user levels, then it wanted me to add my domain, which i did. Now i wanna know what nameserver i should use since my domain is hosted on another hosting company. There were already 2 automaticly nameservers, but they dont work: ns1.HEG001.local and ns2.HEG001.local.
    I tried to add them on the domain settings at the other domain host but i only got an error?
    So what nameservers should i add on the dns management on DA? Like how do i find out what to Add there? and also if i add two new ones should i delete the two old ones which are listed over?

    Thank you
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    btw my dedicated server host is
    and my domain host is

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    I believe this site will give you a lot of useful information:

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