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    Best Way To Report Load Spikes On Server?

    I'm curious if anyone has hacked R-fx Networks SIM to email the output of TOP or PS when the load average is hit to trigger an event?

    Or, is there another way to do this? I'm getting some seemingly random load spikes and I'm never able to be there to catch it and see what's happening, what's the best way to have the server tell me why it's slowing down?


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    The script looks very simple. I just made some simple script.
    You can use:

    It will create the log file /var/log/checkload when your server load is more than the specified in the script. You can just run it in screen and check the log later on.

    I hope it helps, but determining of reasons of unexpected load isn't so easy.

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    I would recommend:

    May help you to track down the times and see if there is some kind of reoccurence. Possibly a backup?
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    Thanks serverorigin & ngsupb! It looks like those will both be useful

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