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    * How to find an user that does not exist?

    hi all,
    i have a cpanel server with some high load and saw it was caused by exim. Looking to the mailstats i see this:
    10085 166MB local
    826 17MB (friend)
    282 3023KB (localhost)
    264 867KB ( -- This is my server IP
    237 3796KB (|)

    It seems that user Fried sendin 17MB of messages. However i have no user friend on server
    Is there a way to find who is sending out those message as user friend??

    Thanks a lot for any help

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    I think you are hit with a virus. Install a virus scanner like clamav or hire someone to check out your server
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    The "friend" would be a hostname (or computer name ?) of another computer - not a local user.

    Scroll down until you see "Top 50 local senders by volume" and then you can get the actual user name.
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    can you ping that host "friend" from ssh?

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    think i founde the customer... thanks to all

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