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    domain transfer denied

    Hello, I could really use some advise.
    I requested 2 domain name transferrs when i purchased my hostgator site. My contact information is up to date and the domains are unlocked.
    I got a confirmation from "registry rocket" that both orders had been processed on 10/10.
    On 10/17 i got an email saying the requests were closed because i never responded to the email.
    There are different emails for each domain and i was looking for the notification so i am quite sure i didnt just miss it. I called hostgator and the customer support person said there was nothing they could do about it and i should contact my former host to work it out. He mentioned that the request was to transfer from twocow(?) to enom.

    Netfirms said i should have approved it through them but didnt provide any additional informaiton. I went into the domain administration tool on the netfirms site and and dont see anywhere to approve a transfer (but there is not one pending any longer).

    One of the domain names is going to expire tomorrow! What should I do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopeg
    One of the domain names is going to expire tomorrow! What should I do?
    Renew it at the existing registrar.
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    how do i find out who the existing registrar is?

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    i found out it was tucows. i also finally got someone at netfirms to help me. it turns out the problem has something to do with the fact that netfirms gave me the domain free with the hosting package. once i seperate the two she said i should be able to transfer.

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    Well I think the first thing you should do is renew the domain via netfirms so that you have 2 active domains.

    I don't know why netfirms are telling you that the problem is because they gave you a free domain with hosting (although this may well be true) since you appear to have access to the domain control panel and were able to ensure you have correct Admin Contact email and unlock the domain.

    You say you didn't receive either email? The email to approve the transfer comes from the receiving registrar, not the losing registrar. If you have a valid email address the receiving registrar will send the email to that Admin Contact address. Have you checked your spam filters? Occasionally these emails end up there (but rarely).

    How did you do the request? Do you have an eNom account in your own name? If not, then you should open a free $8.95 sub-reseller account with an eNom ETP and then resubmit the transfer request. Never let your hosting company have control of your domain registration.

    Once the 2 domains are in your sub-reseller account, then just point them to your hosting company's servers for your web-hosting to become operational
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    Thank you Stu,
    The combined account didnt prevent the transfer from going through but it has prevented me from being able to renew my domain seperately from my hosting plan. I still dont understand why my contact information shows up in whois but for some reason the transfer confirmation request actually went to netfirms.
    By the very little information I have gotten from them it sounds like I needed to log into my account after the transfer to approve it.
    I know i need to renew the domain via netfirms. Once I do that I will take your suggestion.

    Here are the steps i am taking:
    -I have asked Netfirms to seperate my domain registration from my hosting plan
    -Once that happens I will be able to renew my domain, right now i can only renew them both as one unit.
    -After I renew the domain I will give it another try, requesting another transfer directly through the registrar , as you suggested. I never realized that the hosting companies were just reselling the domains.
    Thanks again everyone.

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    Sounds like you got yourself a plan. Good luck.
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