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    Need some advice on webhosts

    Hey =O)

    So I got an email from my host AussieHQ that the plan I've been on for since about 2003 was being dumped. I was in a special plan, 100 megs space + 6 gigs bandwidth for around $45 AUD per year, but I think they're changing all the old U.S.-based hosting plans so fair enough. I don't have any complaints there, they've provided an amazing service and I do recommend them

    I have a fairly small site which I update occassionally, it's got articles, some art and so on. I do want to expand at some point, though, but I'm not sure what I need just yet.

    Anyway, the plan I'm being moved to would cost me $100 per year, it's the US.Plesk250 which is 250 meg + 5 gigs. I've no question that they're worth it, simply for the quality of service! However, I thought I'd look around before making any moves. My hosting with AussieHQ ends, I believe, around March next year, so I do have a bit of time... though they're migrating me within 72 hours to the new plan specifics -- I gain on space but lose on bandwidth, but that's cool

    So for around $50 to $100 AUD [$38 to $76 USD] per year... what (megs, space) can I realistically afford, with good uptime and decent service? Or should I stick to AussieHQ?

    Thanks for your time!

    My apologies for not linking, I think you need 5 posts to use smilies and link =/

    edit: Er, is this considered a request? If it is, please feel free to delete it! But I'm just asking for general market information, really.

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    Do you need 100 megs space + 6 gigs for 38-76 USD? I've not insufficiently understanded you?

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    I suggest that you browse through the offers posted in the advertising section here. I'm sure that you will find something comparable there. But if you are happy with your service now and can afford the price, then why move? One that comes to mind is, an Australian based company I believe. AussieBob(Rob) (sorry, I'm drawing mental blanks today) has a godd reputation here at WHT
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    Do you need one from Australia? eg. for tax purposes cos Austrlian ones will give you a tax invoice with an ABN?

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    If you're happy with your host, I would not switch. You never know what you're getting into, but it sounds like you know what you've already got. If you like it, stay.
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    I'm leaning towards that myself.. Still, from $40 to $100 is quite a leap!

    I'll have a look-around, but yeah. I have to admit, the service at AussieHQ is so worth it.

    edit: wow, dotable is niice! 250 megs and 10 gigs of bandwidth for $50 AUD!

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    How much does it worth your peace of mind?
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    If you like where you're at already, I would stay.

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    *Nods* Peace of mind, that's exactly it. AussieHQ are reliable and honest, and that is peace of mind.

    Thanks for your input guys... I'll have to ponder on it more. Luckily I have a lot of time!

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