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    Media Temple - is it for real?

    Just read from a thread about Media Temple's new Grid Server offer (20/month for 100GB of space, etc). I have not heard about grid server before, does anyone know is this is good?

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    Can you give me a link?
    I'm interesting too

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    The grid server is still a new service so they may come up with various problems (for example a member of wht posted some serious security issue). I would wait a bit the service to be more stable.

    It is very very promising and I'll constantly have an eye on them

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    Quote Originally Posted by layer0
    Thanx a lot/ It's very usefull for me

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    this sounds amazing, can anyone explain how this grid works?

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    This is pretty similar to Rackspace's theSystemBeatsTheServer offering from a few years back, althought that has morphed into mosso.
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    It's a marketing instrument - like many things.

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