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    * Banana Hosting - 20% OFF any monthly plan - Ends soon

    Use the code bellow to get 20% off ay Banana plan until the end of this month. Yearly orders include an additional 20% as standard.

    During registration enter: BH161204

    Standard terms apply:

    30 days refund policy
    Downtime credit policy
    Free setup and unbeatable support
    PayPal payment accepted

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    /Banana Hosting - Be different!
    "The fun place to host your site"

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    Banana Hosting only charges for space, traffic and domain resources, all software features are included free with every account.

    So whether you choose the XL or Lite Plans, you will have access to all the same features. Such as a free shopping cart, an easy to use site builder and a PHP forum application.

    High-Speed Windows 2000/3 or FreeBSD Servers
    H-Sphere Control Panel
    Spam Assassin - Reduces spam by 90%
    IMAP and POP3 Email accounts
    Webalizer statistics + AWstats
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000
    MySQL Server 4.0.26
    Raw transfer logs
    PHP 4.3.4, ASP, CGI, .NET
    Support for .wml files for WAP
    Zend optimizer 2.0
    Custom DNS records
    Web Based File Manager
    Folder based security
    PhpBB2 forum (1-click install)
    PHP/mySQL web Admin
    MS SQL Manager
    Perl Version: 5.x
    Urchin 4 ($5/m) - New!
    OScommerce 2.2 - Free shopping cart
    CDONTS, ASPMail 4.0, AspEmail v4.4.0.2
    Site Studio - Build instant websites
    Frontpage 2002 "XP" Extensions
    Server Side Includes
    Forum, chat and guestbook (asp,cgi & php)
    Unlimited ODBC support
    Full Microsoft.Net 1.1 Support
    Dundas Pie Chart, Dundas Upload
    Microsoft Paradox Driver
    Microsoft Jet OLEDB
    Microsoft Access
    Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver
    Microsoft Database Driver
    Microsoft Excel Driver
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000
    MySQL ODBC 3.51
    Driver PostgreSQL
    + 51 components, and we will install more on demand!

    Extra resources
    Extra allocated bandwidth - $2/gb/m
    Extra non-allocated used bandwidth - $3/gb/m
    Dedicated IP $5 setup, $2/m
    Extra disk space - $0.1/mb/m
    Extra domain resource - $1/m
    /Banana Hosting - Be different!
    "The fun place to host your site"

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    Domain Name Registration
    Your own domain for just $9.99!

    Our domain accounts are the perfect companion to your Banana Hosting account. You need to register a separate domain account in order to purchase domains and it is separate from your hosting account.

    Expect the same level of support and service and enjoy low cost domains that are pre-configured to point to your Banana Hosting account where every account has a full featured and free DNS management tool.

    Fund your account by PayPal or Credit Card and spend it anytime. Your Banana Domains account is easy to manage and there are no hidden fees.

    Click here to get started:
    /Banana Hosting - Be different!
    "The fun place to host your site"

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