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    Wink Setting up an Offshore Bank Account / Business

    Hi Guys,

    Iím new to the whole offshore thing. Just to give you some info about me, I run a high risk website. We sell high quality replica goods. I am interested in obtaining a good offshore bank account, domain, hosting and incorporation.

    Could some one please give me some tips how to:

    1.Set up an offshore business/incorporation

    2.Getting an offshore bank account to receive funds from my website

    3.Setting up a offshore merchant account which will accept my high risk business

    4.Finding a good anonymous offshore host to host my website and domain.

    Iím sorry to ask so many questions but i'm completely new to all of this. If any one could offer me some tips, or perhaps point me to a tutorial...etc I would really appreciate it.

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    bunch of your questions can be answered by a google search...

    If you are an American, I can say you are headed for doom.... IMO
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    Hey hekwu i actually read that article but it doesnt say much about setting things up for an online setuo.

    and no im not an american. Im a Euro passport holder What do you mean heading for doom? please explain.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
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