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    Forum Hosts


    Can anyone recommend a company that hosts forums, we need quite a large forum for photography and we know we'll have to pay for the big amount of space required, but we need to find a company who specialises in hosting forums.


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    Just about any web hosting company will be able to host forums for you. Check out hosts with Fantastico for simple setup.

    To name any One host would be tough - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    how large space you need? as well as the bandwidth

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    If it's particularily large it'd be best to get a dedicated server.

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    Not sure of the exact space, but users on a current one that several of us are moving away from post a lot of pics within their posts, so it would have to be quite large.

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    Can you give us an aproximate of how much space would you need?
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    my personal site has over 660 users registered with approx 20 users on at any one time. The forum database is under 16MB. If you would like to add roughly about 300kb per photo you plan on uploading. My forums still only use .1 server resources. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    And how much bandwidth do you need for sure?

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    specialises in hosting forums
    Nearly any competant host will be able to handle forums, as we're talking hosting providers having to deal with the backend software involved (eg the entire server vs just one db on it). As others have already asked there are several questions to be clarified for us to provide some educated guidance for you:

    How large do you expect the forum to grow?
    Reasonably how many users are you expecting to be online at the same time?
    What level of unix knowledge do you currently have? (which would have a bearing on managed/unmanaged server services if you expect the forum to grow quite large rapidly)
    What amount of space/bandwidth do you want to start out with?
    What budget do you have currently (remember you get what you pay for commonly applies)?

    In any case wish you well with your forum project, hopefully the community here will be able to assist you out with suggestions.
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    Thanks for the replies.... To begin with the forum could easily 200 users, most of them will be displaying images in their posts, that's the whole point of the forum. There could be up to 20 users online at a time, in time the forum will definitely grow.

    I don't have much knowledge on bandwidth etc that's why i can't really answer some of the questions.

    I am looking for a host that can set up the forum & host it, i've found a couple and i'm waiting for them to get back to me.

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