This is a Mod for the script that is shown below. I believe it is called the "Advanced Myspace Script"

You can find a demo of the site at:

The demo is not the design, however, just letting you know of the script.

The script itself contains over 250mb of Layouts, Images, Etc. However upon purchase this script doesn't have an admin section to add your own content. So I have wrote a bunch of forms to insert different things. Now you will be able to add your own layouts and more.

The most popular:

Insert Layouts
Insert Glitter Images
Insert Glitter Words

Other content you will be able to submit:

Extended Network Graphics
Funny Images
Online Now Icons
Sexy Dolls

This will all be done from the admin section like below:

The price for this will be $15. This includes 12 files, that will intergrate right in to your admin, and look like above.

If you would like I can do the install for $10 making it $25 total.

Also there will be updates to this mod, not sure what yet, until I get recommendations.

Please let me know if you have questions.

If you are interested please PM.