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    Icanahost - ebay seller. report w/ email transcripts

    Ordered service from them on October 8. Promptly received the setup email and I was in business. Let me preface this by saying - they were on eBay, they were cheap, and they had good feedback.

    Their comments are in bold.

    I was having trouble with the stats, and that's where the fun starts. I will put their replies in bold. All emails have salutations and all that stuff, but I cut it out to save space.

    No stats are being generated for any of the webpages on my account.

    Ar eyou looking at the awstats ?

    Please let us know and we will investigate further.
    None of the stats are working.
    Awstats, Analog, Webalizer, Urchin - none of them are being generated.

    10/17 - 5AM
    None of the stat applications are generating stats for any of the account on my reseller account.
    10/17 - 1PM
    All domains on my reseller package are currently down. Also, I have been emailing about a stats issue for 2 days with no response.
    10/17 - 4PM
    Is anyone there? My webserver is down and I have people complaining. Please get this rectified asap or at least return one of my emails.
    Are you getting my emails? I've been emailing for 3 days now and not one time have you bothered to respond. If you don't respond to this one I'll have to move on to another host.
    10/18 - sent via Ebay contact seller
    Would you please respond to my emails? I have been asking about my stats not working, then today my sites all went down. They are back up, but stats still not working.

    Our techs are looking into this problem.
    10/19 - morning,sent via Ebay contact seller
    I would like a refund, and to have my account shut down.
    10/19 - later, sent via Ebay contact seller
    I need a refund for this hosting. You may cancel and delete my account any time.
    This will be processed shortly and we will let you once it is done. Thank you.
    Please leave us positive feedback on ebay and we will refund your payment immediately.
    So, if I don't leave positive feedback, you won't give me a refund? Is that what you are saying?
    If I leave you negative feedback, will I still get the refund?
    No that is not what we are saying. We have clients you take refund and leave negative feedback for no reason. For our safety, we require you to leave a positive feedback and we will refund your payment.

    Unfortunatly not.
    The stats have been fixed. We conatcted cpanel and got a reponse from them and you will need to allow 24 h and stats will start functioning. We appologise for the delay, as we had to wait for cpanel to contact us.
    Too late. I emailed you for days about that, and never got a single reply. Not a "we're working on it" or anything. The web server also went down one day for a few hours. Emailed about that too. Never got a response.
    We do appologise for the error on our part to notify you. Unfortunatly we were waiting for cpanel to correct this and waiting for their techs to get back to us.
    I have already moved everything off of that server anyway. You can delete it now.
    I don't think it's right that you are trying to make me leave positive feedback before you give the refund. Your auction stated nothing about that. You should send the refund now.

    If I send you positive feedback, what's to stop you from sending me negative feedback?
    You might want to reconsider how you handle this.
    We will gladly exchange positive feedbacks with you. We understand you no longer want our services and you have payed promptly for this. Rest assured, there is no reason for us to give a negative feedback and we do not consider it a good practice to leave negative feedbacks.
    As mentioned before, we will refund you payment and leave you a positive feedback once you have left us a positive feedback.

    We will await your positive feedback and repricate. Thank you.
    I still don't understand why I should leave a positive feedback. I didn't have a positive experience.

    I'm not leaving positive feedback for you.
    We will happy offer you a refund, once you have left us a positive feedback. We will ofcourse recipricate you feedback.
    I am not leaving positive feedback. If you refuse to give me a refund, I will have no recourse but to leave negative feedback.

    In that case, it does not matter if we give you refund as you will leave us a negative feedback even if we did you give a refund.

    Let me ask you this - why do you think you can give the refund or not give the refund based on my feedback? What gives you that right?

    Your auction says 30 day money back guarantee - it says nothing about feedback.

    Is feedback all you are worried about? Aren't you concerned at all about living up to what you advertise and promise your customers?

    I've had enough of this. If I don't get a refund in 10 minutes, then I'm sending all of these emails to ebay safe harbor and filing a dispute with paypal. I'll let them sort it all out.
    A refund has been issued out of good faith. We hope that you will understand our concerns of not providing refunds before feedbacks are issued.

    If you are still willing to exchnage feedbacks, we will be glad to do so.

    No, the refund was issued because you HAD to based on your auction description. That's the part you don't get. I'm not going to leave any feedback.

    You really need to work on having support answer their emails. Just a little advice.

    Thanks for finally doing this.

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    lol - you get what you pay for lols that was a good laugh for me.
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    lol - you get what you pay for lols that was a good laugh for me.
    Yeh, it was a throwaway account. I did not have anyone paying to be on that server. I've seen a few WHT'ers asking about them around the forum, so I wanted to post a blow by blow account.

    I am using someone from WHT now -

    Darrell has been incredible so far. I'm going to post a review of them in a few months.

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    i have a reseller account from ebay and the only prob i have is the support, but when youre experienced you dont realy need it, so im happy

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    i have a reseller account from ebay and the only prob i have is the support, but when youre experienced you dont realy need it, so im happy
    You don't have root access, so how can you say that? The only things you can control are the files in your home directory. That's why once I saw them take 4 days to resolve a simple issue, I ditched em.

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    i might not have root access but when i do need it they grant it me so it dont really matter

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    dnhauctions, so you just asked your host to give you root access and they simlpy did it, didn't it? Did you pay them for it?

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    I wouldn't want to be on that server. That's like a bank giving some guy with a checking account the combo to the vault.

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