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    dual opteron motherboard

    We have been desperately trying to buy a Supermicro H8DA8-2 dual opteron motherboard for a customer to use in Supermicro's 14 SCSI drive 3U chassis (SC933S2-R760). We already have the 256mbyte ZCR raid card for it and the IPMI card as well. So I'd rather not get another motherboard and not use those, but looks like I have no choice.

    Anybody know where we can find this motherboard? Many companies list this in stock, but none that we've called actually do have it and Supermicro keeps telling us 1 or 2 more days they'll have a new shipment and they never do. Does anybody know a good dual opteron motherboard that will fit in a Supermicro SC933S2 or SC933S1 chassis?
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    List a few places there which might have something..

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