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    problem of clientexec - about domain registration fee

    I am currently setting up clientexec 2.7.2 and have a reseller account in Directi. I've enabled clientexec to check the domain availability through directi when signing up, but when the user enters more information, the form shows the domain registration fee 9.95, which is not the price I set in Directi.

    It seems clientexec didn't get the price info from Directi because even if I disable Directi in clientexec's control panel the registration fee remains 9.95. I don't even know where the price comes from and coudn't find any related setting in clientexec.

    I've set the correct login, password and parentId in CE for connecting with directi. it looks like CE is connecting with directi but doesn't get price info from it. any ideas?


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    What are your settings in admin->tld extensions.. I would direct clientexec related questions to either the official support forum or if you do not have access to the community for quicker responses.

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    right, I found the setting in admin -> tld. thanks for the help!!! so I think I need to mannully adjust this when I change the price in Directi.

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