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    Do I Need Managed Hosting?

    I currently have about 450 accounts with 90% of them using mysql and 20% using cron jobs that eat up about several hours of work on a weekly basis.

    Using about 30 gig of bandwidth. I'm on a reseller account right now and it appears that my sites go down frequently, are slow, or my cron jobs never execute fully. I may be growing out of the reseller account, but not sure if its just not my host.

    Any recommendations?
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    I'm surprized your Hoster allows the many accounts for a Reseller. From what you say, a VPS or Dedicated should be obtained. And either way, Managed would probably be best. offers both and having used them ourselves for the last year, I can recommed them for good service, Managed or otherwise. - for all your Hosting needs
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    destnj, I'd recommend you to have a VPS or Dedik. I think it'll be more safe and reliable thing for you.
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    If your sites are slow and going down, that's a sure sign that you need to go up a level with your hosting plans.. of course going dedi would be a more comfortable solution but if you can't afford that at the time beind then you can go with a VPS
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    netricksdotcom , you may be an experienced person if you run an unmanaged system. So what kinds of issues do you have when you apply to the company for help?

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    If you have a huge amount of clients using a huge traffic, then better go for dedicated servers.

    That would be better to get a dedicated server, so that you get a better management for your clients.

    Thank you.


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    450 accounts on a reseller... wow. Why would liquidweb suggest a VPS, that's still overload IMO. You need your own dedicated box, quick.

    I'm suprised you weren't kicked/forced off the reseller earlier. Bandwidth utilization is very low but still - 450 accounts is 450+ named entries, httpd entries, all the mail accounts that go with it putting lots of load where you don't think on a probably already loaded reseller box.
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    450 is alot of accounts! i would advise upgradeing to a dedicated asap. You will get a much faster service with your sites, and could host alot more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramprage
    450 accounts on a reseller... wow. Why would liquidweb suggest a VPS, that's still overload IMO. You need your own dedicated box, quick.
    I should note that it was not in fact liquidweb that recommended a VPS solution for this case. It sounds as though a dedicated would in fact be the most suitable.

    Someone merely recommended us in general, something which we do appreciate very much.
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    A managed low-end dedicated server would be a right choice. As mentioned if you are having downtime, slow loads and so on.. it would be a good sign that an upgrade is needed.

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