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    How to install FFmpeg / FFMpeg-php on Dreamhost?

    There is a tutorial on their Wiki on how to install FFMpeg, but nothing on FFMpeg-PHP. I understand you need to compile your own PHP for this to work, as you can with Dreamhost, but are there any tutorials for this?


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    These instructions are for Linux since I don't know the first thing about Windows and I am unable to pry the Mac away from my son since he got an iPod for Christmas.
    Building into the PHP binary

    You can also try doing it as an extension built into PHP, contact any admins here on WHT to do the job, anyone experienced should be able to do this within few minutes.

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    I understand you need to compile your own PHP for this to work, as you can with Dreamhost, but are there any tutorials for this?
    DreamHost allows their customers to compile their own PHP? Where is this feature mentioned on their web site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WN-Ali
    DreamHost allows their customers to compile their own PHP? Where is this feature mentioned on their web site?
    That's probably a very good point.. I'm no expert on Dreamhost's operations, but if they're like most companies, you'll almost definately need a dedicated system for this Roflcopterrr.
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    I don't think that you'll have any problem install ffmpeg, however, not sure how its going to be for FFMpeg-PHP
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    I'm pretty sure we can complie anything on DreamHost server as long as it doesn't abuse the server resource.

    I used to complie php5, ruby, python, Ocaml and a few other languages on PowWeb
    when it was still open for these kind of things, and had no problem.
    But I separated some stages of compilation and ran them one by one,
    instead of doing everything in a batch.

    I watched the processes and load average to make sure the job is running well
    without adversely affecting the server.
    Other than pre-compiling python modules into .pyo .pyc, most of building tasks
    had very small impact on the server.
    As the servers of DreamHost are even more powerfull, I don't see so much problem, performance wise.

    But compiling and installing php in your own directory may require the use of wrapper shellscript or a patch to php and also RewriteRule or Action directive.

    Also, installing any library in your directory may require setting environmental variable
    to indicate the location of your library.
    In SuExeced environment, this may cause another problem, and you may have to use a wrapper or a patch.

    Probably you can find pre-compiled debian binary somewhere,
    and use it instead of building by yourself.
    (But you may have to do the extraction/installation, manually.)

    You need to be carefull with these image/video handling software,
    as they can be very heavy.

    Safer method would be creating a replica server on your home machine,
    possibly using free VMwarePlayer, and then do all your testing on it,
    before to use it on the server.
    Also, this may eliminate the problem of apt-get when you want to use
    pre-compiled binary package.
    You can install everything on the test environment as a root, and then
    upload the files/directory, most probably.

    Yet easiest way might be requesting the feature in the contraol panel of DreamHost, and ask all your friends to vote for it.
    Then, you just have to sit and hope, and wait.

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    By the way, look here for a youtube clone hosted on Dreamhost.

    I uploaded a file and got it back in flash... and it didn't take very ;pmg

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    Also, you don't need to compile ffmpeg into php. You can install ffmpeg as a php extension, and just call the library in php.ini

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    Forgot about the link LOL

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