Intranet Proxy Networks is a medium-sized proxy network dedicated to bringing anonymity, privacy, and security to its users. We provide proxy services on our own dedicated servers, free. We operate under 19 different domain names and are currently looking for an advertiser(s) to participate in our "proxied page" banner/text link partnership. When our proxies are used, a banner is shown at the top and bottom of each page the user navigates through. We currently use and have used several pay per click systems, offering over millions of pageviews/impressions total. We are looking to sign up new adertisers for flat-rate, pay by month or week banners. We can offer milti-domain, single domain, top, and bottom-banner deals. Currently between the 19 domains, 3 million impressions are served. Various banner sizes and higer impression domain offers are available. There are too many to post here so please PM me if you are interested in obtaining some serious traffic to your site. On average, 60% of our users are US, and approx 10% between UK, AUS, CA. We have popular domains for chinese, japanese and Euro traffic as well. Of course middle-eastern traffic is available as well. Please contact me via PM to discuss your needs and for a quote for your personal setup. I can guarantee we offer extremely low prices as this system of advertising is being tested and prices won't be raised even if traffic is increased. My personal phone number,msn, etc. will be provided if desired. Thanks!